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It Gets Indie

Hello everyone, new events in the Straight but Not Narrow realm, We, meaning the team, Heather, Andre, Matt, and of course my mother (Because she is a bloody legend) will be traveling on a adventure from our Los Angeles home base, up perilous west coast, to foreign and mysterious San Francisco for “It Gets Indie” benefit concert. 

If your unaware of what “It Gets Indie” is it’s a concert for the It Gets Better foundation and the Trevor Project. The money raised will go to these two programs for gay youth. Both great projects and who we think are doing amazing work.

They have some great bands lined up which you can check out in the links below


Social Studies


Now your probably going “Cool, I wanna meet the 20 something year old hipster whos brainchild is It Gets Indie.” Meet Noah Hornik. Noah is a 13 year old 8th Grader and an inspiration, he is doing what we at Straight but Not Narrow have been encouraging young people to do and we are very excited to get up to San Francisco and talk with him.

If your in San Francisco, please come down and hang out with Me, the SBNN crew and Noah, it should be a very good show and be generally in all aspects a laugh riot.

Here is the date.

It Gets Indie

Where?: Great American Music Hall, 859 O’Farrell Street, San Francisco, CA

When?: Sunday, April 24th, Doors open at 7pm, show at 7:30

Get your tickets here.